Hospital annual cost reduction


The Drake Lock and Swivel can also help improve clinical outcomes, quality of care and economic efficiency. Pressure ulcers cost the US healthcare system more than $11.6 billion dollars annually and of that $3.8 billion or more is directly attributed to medical devices.

With over 1/3 of pressure ulcer costs associated with medical device usage, clinicians, manufacturers and purchasing have a unique opportunity to implement a coordinated strategy to reduce or eliminate these ulcerations.

The average cost, as identified by the Society of Actuaries, for treating a pressure ulcer is $10,700. If a 200-bed hospital with 12,000 admissions a year can reduce their rate of pressure ulcers by just half a percent, they could save $1.2 million annually. (BioDerm Inc, 2015 p.12)

The overwhelming medical evidence indicates that while all ulcerations are not preventable, vast majority can be prevented through the implementation and maintenance of clinical best practices. The Drake Lock and Swivel meets this need because the Drake Lock and Swivel is a securement device that targets the prevention of a medical device related pressure ulcers.

BioDerm, Inc. (2015) Catheter Securement: Best Practices to Reduce the Cost and Incidence of Medical Device Related Pressure Ulcers [White Paper]. Retrieved


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