Anchoring without strong adhesive

The ONLYswiveling stabilization device anchored WITHOUTstrong adhesive

Zero threat of pain, skin breakdown, or pressure ulcers from strong adhesive. Current catheter stabilization devices that swivel are placed on the patients’ skin with strong adhesive and are stuck in the same place until changed. They require daily maintenance and need changing typically every 7 to 10 days. These stabilization devices have issues with lift (where part of the adhesive loses stick), and skin conditions under the adhesive; leading to skin breakdown and pressure ulcers. As well as compromising the skin barrier function and delaying healing, medical adhesive-related skin injuries can lead to pain, increase the risk of wound infection (potentially leading to sepsis) and cause morbidity. This can result in anxiety, reducing patients' quality of life. It also imposes a burden on the healthcare system.

The Drake Lock and Swivel completely removes these threats by replacing the adhesive anchor with a leg band. The ability to take off the Drake Lock and Swivel daily, hourly, or even minute after minute, then reapply and reuse, allows the ability for regular and frequent inspection of the skin beneath the device.

The Drake Lock & Swivel has silicone strips on the underside which help keep the device COMFORTABLY in correct positioning.


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