Additional benefits of the Drake Lock & Swivel

Reduces the risk of urethral erosion, bladder spasms, and trauma


Indwelling urinary catheters have been described as a cause of urethral erosion and improper securement of a rigid style catheter can be a common cause. Research suggests that negative outcomes associated with urethral and meatal erosions can be prevented by properly securing the indwelling catheter. This is one of the easiest and most effective practices.


Bladder spasms are quite common when you have a catheter in your bladder. The pain is caused by the bladder trying to squeeze out the balloon. With proper stabilization the balloon is secure on one location vs. bouncing around causing irritation and spasms.


The quality of securement directly impacts the functionality and likelihood of a complication for a given catheter. Securement acts as an additional anchor for the infusion set tubing or extension set to reduce the force the primary securement might receive. The importance of a solid secondary securement cannot be over-emphasized as it protects the primary securement and hence the catheter from an accidental dislodgement inflicting trauma.​

Reduces the risk of bladder cancer from indwelling catheter use


Most of the factors increasing the risk for bladder cancer relate to one thing: irritation of the bladder, both chronic and repeated. The indwelling catheter itself is the largest potential source of irritation. In some people, tumors have been seen inside the bladder where the catheter rubs and, in the path, where the catheter lays. It has been found that people who use indwelling catheters were 4.9 times more likely to develop bladder cancer than those who did not use indwelling catheters.

Those who happen to have an indwelling catheter, it is specifically mentioned that to reduce your risk of irritation, each day, switch the leg that you put your drainage bag on. This, in theory, should move the catheter tube and its balloon within your bladder so the same spot on your bladder wall doesn't have all the irritation.


The Drake Lock and Swivel has the ability to be taken off daily, hourly, or even minute after minute, then reapply and reuse, even placing on the opposite leg. This moves the catheter tube and its balloon within the bladder so the same spots on the bladder wall doesn’t have constant pressure and irritation. 

Complete freedom to move around without pulling the Foley catheter


Indwelling catheters are restrictive and confining. Yet, the importance of a solid secondary securement cannot be over-emphasized because it prevents inflicting trauma. For the user, this necessary securement causes even more restriction and confinement. The swiveling retainer allows patients to, bend, twist, stretch, and be active without pulling on the catheter. Providing securement, comfort, and freedom to the user.

Machine washable

Not made with natural rubber latex



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